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Shannon Rankin

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant


I have been a Certified Fitness Trainer with ISSA since 2011. My other certifications include: Precision Nutrition, Pn1 (one of the top nutrition coaching programs in the world); Core Strength Training; Sports Nutrition; and Exercise for Youth.   I have many years of experience with individual training, group training, and nutrition consulting.


Aside from certifications, I have been married to my amazing hubby, Chris, for over 26 years and have two super smart, funny sons, Jake 22 and Trevor 19.  Like most families, we are crazy-busy with life-stuff and I love every minute of it!


Growing up a skinny (and I mean SKIN-NY) girl, I was always looking for ways to put extra muscle on my bones and trying to figure out what foods to eat to help me gain weight, while still eating healthy. I would lock myself in my room trying to come up with new exercises just waiting for that muscle to hide my bones!  Fast forward several years to after I had my second child and BAM! I had an all new to get RID of the weight I gained during my pregnancy (41 pounds to be exact). I was 33 years old, so not only was I struggling with post-baby weight, but my metabolism took a nose-dive, as it starts to do after 30.  I was totally out of my element...and I didn't like it. I recall running into a friend who hadn't seen me in awhile and she commented on my "meaty" arms. What? I was used to being the "tall skinny girl" but the "tall MEATY girl"?  Not okay. I struggled for two years, trying every diet out there, to no avail. Finally I realized it was time to step up my game. I made up my mind to take control of my life. I joined a gym and started researching proper nutrition. The weight started melting off, I had so much more energy to take care of two toddlers, and I just felt better about myself, finally!


I wasn't super thrilled, however, about being trained by a 20-something year old. Not that there is anything wrong with 20-something year olds, I just wanted someone who "got" me. Who knew how it was to raise two little kids, keep a clean house, maintain a happy marriage, etc.  I realized there was a need, not only for more female trainers, but for women over 30 with families who could relate to women over 30! The rest is history and now I am oh-so passionate about health and fitness, and even more so about helping people reach and maintain their fitness goals!

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